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Susana Pinto

Os pormenores

“Angie and Lach’s wedding was so HOT!  4 things about this wedding that were amazing were: They are incredibly nice and gorgeous!  They got married at the chapel Lach’s dad designed, they picked the location they wanted to have photos at (an old shop front in Mosman Park, you wouldn’t think anything of it really but they loved it and I in turn loved it because they loved it) and the details at the reception were immaculate. (…) They were completely true to themselves and involved things that inspired them and they loved.”

Que tal…? Sofisticado, bonito e pessoal… o resultado é incrível, provavelmente um dos meus favoritos por muito tempo!


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  • Pelo que tenho visto este casamento tem a tua cara Su! Estou certa?

  • Susana


  • Inga

    Muito bom!