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Susana Pinto

Cores suaves…

… e usadas por quem sabe!

Casamento Libby + Lee, via Ruffled!

Lindo! As cores são deliciosas e tantos folhos, estando em harmonia, resultam incrivelmente bem!

Um conselho da noiva…

“My advice to all brides it to have balance. It can be the most amazing experience or the worse, and it all depends on your perspective. The joy of the process comes from the experience and not the material things you are creating or buying.I loved every second of it. Even when I was sad or angry or stressed, deep down, I still really loved it. It is such an amazing way to express you and your future husband’s personalities and life together. It is such a unique opportunity to band together with family and friends to work towards a cause. As long as deep down, all along, you are loving it, then you are good. Do not let anything that goes wrong over ride the true joy of the experience. And if everything doesn’t go as planned, then who cares! Just dance.”

Fotografia de Our Labor of Love


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