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Susana Pinto


Casamento de Amy + Warren, via Ruffled.

Giro, divertido, low budget, DIY e muito apaixonado:

“Warren and I are both graduate students so we had limited funds for our wedding—but we did not want to sacrifice style or fun. Our budget turned out to be a huge blessing: we began to think of our wedding as less of a Wedding, and more like a big costume party for everyone we loved. This meant that no one cared that the cakes were still on their plastic trays from Costco, or that the metal chairs did not match the white tablecloths, or that any number of aesthetic crimes (to my micro-manager’s eye) existed because Warren and I were in love, and everyone was there to celebrate this love.”

E repararam nos brincos da noiva…? Arrecadas, compradas numa viagem a Lisboa, logo a seguir ao Warren ter dito “I love you…!”