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Susana Pinto

Bela dos bosques, por The Love Studio

Hoje trazemos uma princesa dos bosques.

As fotografias da dupla Nino e Andreea, do The Love Studio, foram feitas nas montanhas da Bósnia e mostram uma luz aboslutamente mágica. A inspiração foi algo muito local, com um toque contemporâneo, como nos contou a Andreea:

















“Nino and I were in Bosnia for a few months, and we thought it would be great to work with some of the most respected vendors in the local wedding industry. We first started of with Kaftan Studio as they are a local design house in Sarajavo started by two sisters and they create custom gowns for the more fashion adventurous and creative brides, as well as local celebrities. The jewellery was from Sofic Goldsmiths, who have this incredible line of pieces that are replicas of pieces on display at the Bosnian National Museum. Some of the motifs are from the B.C. era. Agava, who did the decor and florals, worked with indigenous elements like apples and twigs to create some really interesting pieces that look a little bit wild, almost like they could be found somewhere in the Bosnian woods. Our idea was to show what a modern bride in Bosnia could create, taking traditional elements but putting her own spin on it.”


















Muito, muito bonito, não?


Créditos: vestido Kaftan Studio; flores Agava; cabelo Melly Salon; maquilhagem Lamija Zornic; jóias Sofić, manequim Nene Mojaš e fotografias de The Love Studio.

Susana Pinto

Loverboys, por The Love Studio

Hoje temos umas belas imagens, partilhadas pela simpática dupla The Love Studio, nossos amigos fotógrafos de Barcelona.

São da e-session do Fran+Nacho, um casal energético e bem disposto.

A sessão aconteceu em Garraf, a meia hora de Barcelona, em Junho, e a festaça, uma all white sunset beach party,  em Canet de Mar, no fim de Julho.
















Apaixonadíssimos, intensos e cheios de estilo… Felizes portanto!

Há mais imagens no site dos The Love Studio, passem por lá!


Susana Pinto

Por Lisboa

Hoje partilhamos uma espécie de “lá fora, cá dentro”, ou uma bela sessão fotográfica por Lisboa, pela lente de uma dupla estrangeira e amiga, Andreea e Nino, os The Love Studio, de Barcelona.

Fiquem com este passeio da Laura + Duarte,  e um pouquinho da história de ambos!












“Laura and Duarte met through a mutual friend three years ago and the mutual attraction was strong from the start, as they discovered each other peculiarities. “When she got nervous she would randomnly switch from speaking portuguese to english, i thought that was really cute of her.” remembers Duarte. However, fate didn’t make it so easy on them, because Laura was about to leave for a month in the US. “Duarte would stay up almost everyday until 7am due to the time difference just so we could get to know each other a little more.” remembers Laura.

Needless to say, as soon as Laura got back to Portugal, they were inseparable. “She makes me comfortable whenever we are together.” says Duarte. “He gets me more than anyone”, she echoes.

While they live outside the city, Laura and Duarte love to explore Lisbon, and that is why we decided to do the photoshoot there. “What we like about Lisbon is that every time we go there it never seems to let us down. There is always something new to see. It is a beautiful and mysterious place with a lot to explore. What we like the most is shopping in the streets of Chiado, the views from the miradouro, and Castelo de São Jorge. We also adore Lisbon at night for all its lights and commotion.

The city becomes alive at night because of all the people that go out to have a good time. We both love going to Bairro Alto with a good group of friends. We also love eating out and Lisbon is the perfect place because it has restaurants of all cultures but we especially love sushi and typical portuguese food. We try to find the best portguese restuarants by either hear say or reading about them in magazines, because we want to try out the best of the best (and typical portuguese food is the best!).

We still have a lot to see and a lot of streets to get lost in, but we will have time to see it all with one another.”